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We are Vime

A group of data-loving, result-driven, creative individuals from all around the world.
A bold, energetic mingle made of SEO experts, business analysts, content managers, digital PR know-it-alls, and international outreach pros.
Strong individual entities. A unified, warm, curated approach

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership carries a whopping total of 70 years of experience in the realm of digital marketing – they have truly seen everything.
Working in tandem with their teams, they tackle core objectives and take an open-minded approach to anything.
Meet our leadership team:

Carolina Garcia Brana


Over 20 years of experience built up as a strategist and clients’ services director at the world’s most significant advertising holdings, Carolina has a deep knowledge of delivering business outcomes across categories and diverse life cycles.
As Director of Vime, she leads our performance marketing operations across +20 markets to accelerate our client’s growth through a forward-thinking and multicultural pool of digital specialists.

Irene Ramos

People Operations Manager

Irene is the People Operations Manager at Vime, responsible for connecting talent with business strategy. Irene helps all transversal projects in the agency while overseeing internal communication plans to make every vimer feel supported.
She has over 7 years of experience in generalist roles in digital marketing, fintech, and consultancy industries, where she has been specialising in identifying, keeping, and developing key talent.

Carla García

Head of Clients

Carla is the Head of Clients at Vime and is responsible for maintaining a successful relationship with all our brands.
With an eye for detail, Carla helps translate the needs of our brands to our Content, Digital, and Outreach teams so they can provide business-development strategies.
Carla has over 10 years of experience in affiliation marketing, lead generation, programmatic, and SEO, allowing her to spot improvement areas that can be worked on through Vime’s digital proposition.

Andrew Bramley

Head of Commercial

As our Head of Commercial, Andy brings almost a decade of industry experience navigating the marketing landscape with a unique blend of analytical acumen and creative vision. Specializing in fostering strategic relationships, he passionately identifies mutually beneficial opportunities across diverse marketing solutions to elevate the market presence of brands.

Carlota Rincón

Head of Content

As Vime's Head of Content, Carlota oversees content creation, publication, and distribution across digital platforms. With expertise in various aspects of content creation, she has specialised in designing and implementing strategic multi-channel content campaigns that tackle content marketing strategically. Throughout her career, she has seamlessly merged her passion for storytelling with effective communication to impact audiences worldwide.

Matías Piro

Head of Outreach

Being a highly experienced communicator, Matias is responsible for leading the core of outreach operations to ensure delivery goals across multiple markets and clients. He has developed the finest negotiation tactics and link-building techniques to ensure success in our operations for all our clients. With vast experience in managing high client-centred performance teams, Matias focuses on devising and introducing continuous improvement in our processes for achieving operational and delivery success.

Meet our Digital Experts

Vime aims for brands to succeed online with the most innovative and creative digital marketing strategies.
Our multicultural pool of digital specialists always goes above and beyond to provide tailored solutions that fit our client’s unique needs and business requirements.

Our Vision

We connect brands with customers by helping them lead the conversation on the new digital-first era.
With a hands-on technical SEO team and a strong analytical approach, Vime operates within measurable stats to ensure digital strategies are on the right track.
Vime’s philosophy is based on top-tier digital performance while building these data-based connections that meet business expectations.

Our Values

We enjoy working together and fostering a great atmosphere for everyone. We love to celebrate achievements; every week, every day.
Thanks to our multicultural and hungry-for-success team, we are able to shape individual responses to challenges by building data-centric strategic recommendations that drive positive business outcomes.
Being a Vimer means that we are not just good – we are great, and winning never happens if we are not playing altogether.

We feel like our client’s first partners, so their goals become ours, too.
We are committed to maximising their efforts by tracking every detail to take their brands to the next level.
We keep ourselves attached to the highest standards for optimising every brand’s connection with their audience.

A WOW through service! We are always looking to expand our vision and capabilities aiming for new ways of evolving our approach and reaching extraordinary outcomes in the ever-changing digital landscape.
When embracing new challenges, our growth mindset and uniqueness bring innovation to our core and push our boundaries to reach for the stars.

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