Case Study

Betway World Cup 2022

Client: Betway

Project Type: Content Marketing Campaign

Sector: Sports, iGaming

The Challenge

Vime partnered with Betway in a very strategic content marketing campaign to increase its organic traffic and brand visibility through stand-out content during the FIFA World Cup tournament.

With a growing presence in the LATAM region, the challenge was to create compelling and geo-specific content that would resonate with the target audience and drive engagement.

The Approach

Vime developed a geo-specific content marketing campaign to raise awareness and position the brand as a trusted industry expert. We conducted an extensive keyword research to gain insights into the audience’s search behavior and identify relevant topics and key tournament dates.

This allowed us to align the content strategy with the audience’s needs and capture their attention effectively. As a part of the strategy, we also implemented best SEO practices, carefully optimizing the content with targeted keywords, and incorporating relevant internal and external links. By doing so, we aimed to enhance organic visibility and improve Betway’s search engine rankings, ensuring maximum exposure and reach for the brand.

Additionally, to establish a strong association between Betway and the FIFA World Cup, we developed powerful brand infographics that seamlessly integrated the brand’s identity with the tournament. These infographics not only enhanced the visual appeal of the content but also helped Betway rank organically for specific keywords, further solidifying its authority and expertise in the industry.

The Results

The content marketing campaign implemented by Vime delivered outstanding results. Betway experienced a remarkable threefold increase in organic traffic, with their website’s visits skyrocketing from 2,000 to an impressive 5,000 organic visits.

Our carefully crafted content pieces achieved outstanding levels of engagement. These pieces attracted an impressive 20% of all visits to posts related to the tournament, demonstrating the significant impact and resonance the content had with the audience.

This heightened engagement not only elevated their brand visibility but also solidified their reputation as a trusted and authoritative source for World Cup-related information.





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Vime Digital’s strategic and data-driven content marketing campaign enabled Betway to achieve significant organic traffic growth, heightened brand visibility, and increased audience engagement during the FIFA World Cup.

By delivering geo-specific content that resonated with the target audience and leveraging SEO best practices, we successfully positioned Betway as an expert and reliable source for FIFA World Cup-related information.

This case study highlights the effectiveness of integrated digital marketing strategies in driving customer engagement and conversion rates for online brands.

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