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One Digital Mindset

Vime brings together innovation, creativity, and tailor-made strategies to help brands reach their audiences and build brand recognition on their way to the top. Our Digital team creates innovative campaigns to deliver relevant and decisive business results in over 20 markets.

Our portfolio includes Digital PR services, PR Strategy, Reactive PR, and media audit. We recognize the importance of aligning your brand, PR, and digital activities seamlessly.

Digital Strategy

We create links between audiences, delivering tailor-made digital activations and creative angles that get maximum coverage, transcending channels and exceeding expectations.

Vime’s Digital PR services provide insights into direct and indirect competitors and current and future customer profiling—an essential input leading to performance improvement in already established markets.

Our approach to Digital Services

We lead brands to define and reach success by tackling core objectives with a data-driven mindset that helps businesses during their decision-making process.

By combining our expertise with the latest technology, we analyse and measure the most relevant KPIs for each campaign. The data collected is the foundation on which we build game-changing digital strategies adapted to any market and industry.

Vime’s approach is based on adapting its strategical mindset to the needs of each brand, including those within the most regulated industries. We generate unique workflows and processes to optimise time frames and results for each project.

We are experts at:


The success of Vime’s international Digital PR strategies relies on its creative and daring narratives appealing to journalists within high-ranking-SEO media outlets and the brand´s audience.

Our comprehensive strategic media relation service approach includes brand, financial, and search engine reputation management services in various industries, including the most regulated markets.  


Vime crafts effective digital PR strategies for securing links and coverage in top-tier global publications.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, it is essential for businesses to employ creative and strategic PR approaches to secure valuable links and media coverage from renowned publications worldwide.


We quickly generate media coverage and backlinks by leveraging trending topics, offering commentary, and creative content, and utilizing product PR.

Through our expertise in leveraging trending topics, providing insightful commentary, and creating engaging content, Vime ensures your brand stays in the spotlight.

A media audit comprehends an analysis of an organization’s media presence, activities, and strategies.

However, at Vime Digital, we go beyond that. We delve deep into evaluating your media channels, content performance, audience engagement, and competitive landscape. By identifying areas for improvement, we optimize your overall media strategy to maximize impact and drive exceptional results for your organization.

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At Vime, we understand brands in and out.

Our creative strategies help brands expand and build relatability and brand recognition on their way to the top.

Contact us to discover what Digital PR campaigns can do for your brand.