Case Study

Oddschecker Boost in LATAM

Client: Oddschecker

Project Type: SEO, Outreach, and Content Marketing Campaign

Sector: Sports, iGaming

The Challenge

Vime Digital partnered with Oddschecker to tackle the challenge of boosting their SEO ranking and increasing traffic domain in Spain, Peru, and Mexico.

The primary goals were to bridge the online visibility gap between Oddschecker and its competitors, surpass local brands in the market, and secure top rankings for the five most important transactional keywords.

The Approach

Vime Digital devised an exhaustive SEO strategy encompassing technical SEO, outreach efforts, and content marketing.

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of technical SEO aspects, resulting in a combined approach that involved restructuring the site’s architecture, identifying valuable keywords and URLs, improving internal linking, and identifying orphan pages. Additionally, we fine-tuned H1s and meta titles to enhance their relevance and visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs).

From a content marketing perspective, we undertook a thorough content classification approach tailored to each targeted country (Spain, Peru, and Mexico). We optimized existing content by strategically incorporating relevant keywords and semantic terms to maximize ranking potential. Additionally, we optimized 650 on-site articles, revitalizing Oddschecker’s blog and improving its SERP rankings.

A vital aspect of our campaign involved outreach efforts to establish partnerships and secure backlinks from authoritative sources. We performed a comprehensive backlink gap analysis on competing brands and closely monitored backlinking domains. As a result, we acquire valuable backlinks from relevant websites, boosting Oddschecker’s domain authority and organic visibility.

The Results

The combined efforts of our Outreach, Content, and SEO teams delivered impressive outcomes for Oddschecker’s website traffic for the three targeted regions.

In Spain, the monthly visits to Oddschecker’s traffic domain surged from under 2,300 in March 2022 to over 2,600 in March 2023, surpassing the target by 16%. In Peru, the traffic domain experienced a remarkable growth, soaring from under 1,300 monthly visits to almost 5,000, exceeding the target by an astonishing 372%. Similarly, in Mexico, the traffic domain skyrocketed from under 850 to over 4,000 monthly visits, surpassing the target by an impressive 389%.

On a global scale, Oddschecker’s traffic domain witnessed substantial growth, climbing from under 5,300 to over 14,000 monthly visits, exceeding the target by 167%. This increase in traffic not only boosted brand visibility but also contributed to the expansion of Oddschecker’s customer base and overall ROI.


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Vime Digital’s SEO, Outreach, and Content Marketing Campaign for Oddschecker in LATAM demonstrated the ability to overcome the challenges of boosting SEO ranking and increasing domain traffic. Oddschecker emerged as a leading player in the iGaming industry in Spain, Peru, and Mexico, establishing a strong foothold in the LATAM market.

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