We Build Connections

We build rapport and earn visibility by fusing brands with relevant media worldwide. We write, deliver, and publish premium articles with naturally integrated links — prioritising brand cohesiveness at every production process step.

From link acquisition to traffic optimisation, we use industry expertise and a data-driven approach to boost your search rankings and supercharge your traffic.

Outreach Strategy

There’s more than one way to acquire a link.

Developing a comprehensive data-driven link acquisition strategy balances our acquisition techniques and builds a natural and effective backlink profile for your brand.

Effective link acquisition comprises link building, link insertion and link reclamation. But knowing what is best for you requires expertise and insight.

Our SEO link acquisition services begin with research and analysis that help us identify the best opportunities to increase the links back to your brand.

This is all underpinned by quality content that connects with your audience. Link acquisition is about more than just ranking well in search results. It’s about attracting more customers that are aligned with your overall business objectives, all while ensuring complete compliance with your industry’s regulatory restrictions.

Our approach to Outreach

Vime takes a careful and considered approach to link building. We understand that the quality of the links you acquire is the most important factor. They should be helpful to your audience by allowing them to find valuable content that answers their questions and solves their problems.

We use unrivalled industry expertise, data analysis, and SEO audits to naturally increase the traffic to your website. Forming part of your overall SEO strategy, we take a long-term approach to link building. We get you to the top and keep you there.

We are experts at:

Acquisition Techniques

As connectors, we know what makes a good link back to your website. We build new links for our clients in more than 25 languages and 35 markets, identifying the most appropriate media outlets to boost your profile and increase your traffic.

Successful link building requires a strong understanding of SEO, a feel for your brand, and a well-developed strategy. Vime will find the link building strategy that works best for you and your audience to get you to the top.


Link insertion finds natural ways to link to your valuable content from established and well-ranked pages.
This diversifies your backlink profile and accelerates your rise to the top.

Vime has a leading link insertion service that leverages strong relationships with publishers and data-driven precision.


Backlinks can break. Website updates and ownership changes can lead to your link needing to be recovered. Effective link reclamation requires good analysis and a collaborative approach with publishers to recover as many backlinks as possible.

For Vime, link reclamation is a key part of our off-page SEO services, as it helps to preserve your position in search rankings.

Off-Page SEO

Data is key. An effective link acquisition strategy can only work when you know all the facts. That’s why off-page SEO analysis is so important. It can identify your strengths and weaknesses and find the biggest opportunities to improve if done right.

Vime has a team of SEO experts who will conduct a full link building audit to show you how to reach your business objectives.


Link acquisition is more than just getting to the top of search engines. It’s about getting more and better-qualified visitors to your website to increase your audience and boost your sales. There are many ways to do it, but having the correct information means you can make the right decisions.

At Vime, we are experts in implementing the latest SEO techniques to increase and optimise traffic, and this forms a big part of our link acquisition services.

Off-Page SEO

Links don’t work in isolation. They need to form part of valuable and relevant content that attracts your audience. Off-page SEO content can include blog posts, articles, infographics, and more.

Vime’s collective of consummate content creators will carefully craft compelling content for your brand to maximise the effectiveness of your link acquisition strategy.

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At Vime, we understand brands inside and out. Our market-leading approach to link acquisition will help businesses boost their backlinks and reach more customers on their way to the top.

Contact us to find out what our outreach consultancy services can do for your business.